LOOK who's using Pegasus Airboots ...
I wanted to thank you for your convincing “Sell” of your Pegasus boots.

I met you at the Equine Affaire in Springfield Ma this past November. I was on my way to the “other” booth to buy some sport boots when I saw your display and you spoke to me.  I asked you why your boots were better then the rest and you told me.

 I am sold on your boots. I have a large big boned warm blood and the boots fit him wonderfully. They are everything you said they were, easy to use, comfortable for him and very well constructed. We live in New Hampshire and spend most of our times on the trails. We often find ourselves riding in various elements and trail conditions. Even the water!! The boots hold up beautifully and are so easy to care for. We even made it to the Christmas Parade this year and because of the hook & Loop design of your boot, I was able to fasten some pretty sparkles on a band with a hook backing, Right to your Pegasus Boots!!! They came right off after and of course did nothing to the boot. Fantastic!
 I have sent a picture. It is November in New England and Hunting season. We are playing in Squam Lake in Holderness. I hope you enjoy the happy & serine look on both of our faces because you have two satisfied customers.

 Yours truly,  Eden Lefebvre & Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde A.K.A. “Doc” 
New Hampshire

    I am thrilled how my Pegasus boots fit my horse.  There is no slippage or gapping that allows sand under the boots.  Cleaning is so easy, as I just toss the boots in the washer and air dry them.  These boots are made for working.  Thanks for a great product!      Deborah Moerman Clovis, CA     
Hello, "I've been using the Professional Choice Sport boots for the past 6 years. Recently I discovered  the Pegasus Airboots during this year's World Cup. These boots fit my horse's leg better and are more secure.  
My Arab/Trak mare has had several splints so I was very happy to see the added protection in that particular area. I'm very happy with my purchase and can't wait to see how they fit my youngster next year ... a Clydesdale/TB cross with HUGE legs!"   Kari Kovelda- Johnson   
“…..Sunny comes home from our rides and training sessions with lovely clean legs.  He looks really stylish in his black and purple Pegasus boots and his legs are protected from harm into the bargain.  They never slip or come loose no matter where we are riding.  I own several pair of support boots and none can compare to your product.     We live in the mountains and there are no flat places to ride outside my arena and round pen.  So we ride on natural terrain all the time.  Real trail horse country, steep slopes, downed trees, brush, and streams you name it we ride through it!  The boots protect his legs and support them beautifully.   

Thanks again for a terrific product!”   Pat Schieber Selma, Oregon

…..The first time I used your Pegasus boots in a one Mile Trot, my Standardbred  "Salem Connection " won . They are easier to put on/take off, and offer better protection then polo wraps.   Yours are so wash-able,  I am saving money on wraps in the long run.  The other boots I tried were too hard to use.     There is a huge interest at the track in your boots…  I think you are on to something really big . 

Rock Vinci, Trainer Owner, Salem Connection


I purchased two pairs of Pegasus boots from you at the Equine Affaire in Pomona at the Broken Horn booth.

You may, or may not remember that I have the dressage horse that has developed sores from most of the boots I have tried on him, including ( A major competitor's boot ). You guaranteed you would return my money if your boots caused sores on my horse.

You will be glad to know that you will be keeping your money and that I will be keeping the boots. No sores, not even on freshly clipped legs. They are a snap to put on and provide great support. My daughter and her trainer are considering using your boots on their reining horses. Thanks for your great product.

Lois Hild  - DVM